Monday, January 5, 2015

Catchin Fillies

Catchin Fillies
A poem by My Cowboy, back in 2009
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Art by Tim Cox

Catchin Fillies

I had an epiphany as I woke to the morning sun,
I know now what it is that's stealin all my fun.
Twernt an ornery mustang, or rope that quit laying right,
Its durn chasin fillies what's been keeping me up at night.

Oh it ain't that I can't find'm, or git'm out on the town,
Its teachin'm to ground tie that always leaves me with a frown.
Now I knowed some shiny fillies,
What trotted with their tail in air,
But caint find one I'd trust with the herd,
and that would always treat me fair.

Like catching good horses, I'd say its about the game,
Now that I understand this deal, I only have me to blame.
You caint go runnin at their head, with loop that they can hear and see,
You gotta stand in the middle of the pen,
And say "easy now, come here to me"

Soon they quit trottin the rail, and lookin out over the fence,
They break'r down in a walk, then stop; and look at you intense.
Standin with lead in plain sight, they'll mosey over your way.
Cause somewhere in'atwixt them ears they need ya at tha end of the day.

If ya go easy, with a slow and gentle hand,
Somehow inside they know; you're their man,
They'll come close enough to smell your breath, and look you in the eye,
And if that first touch is done correct,
They'll be with you til they die.

What's the moral of the story, what is it I'm really tryin to advance,
Well it ain't the loop you throw that gets' m caught, somehow its the stance!!!

*Copyright 2009 Flyin W Productions All Rights Reserved*

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