Monday, May 18, 2015

MAN CRUSH MONDAY OR A Cowboy Valentine

I've meant for awhile to post about what Cowboy did for Valentine's Day and today is the day :)

Valentine's started like any normal day, we packed our Lil Buckaroo up into the truck and headed out to feed cattle.
We stopped after finishing feeding the herd and Cowboy looked them over while I fed and changed Lil Buckaroo and then Cowboy handed me a daisy with the words "there's a poem that goes with it, I'll tell you later"

That night he presented me with this poem, that he'd written for me!
A Cowboy's Flower

I'm bringin ya this Fl'r its'a tokin of my Love,
It didn't come from a box er store,
 like you it'uz sent from above !

It came from the valley floor where its seed was planted there by GOD,
He planned fer me ta giv'it to ya, that'uz why He grew it here in my sod !!

They'z fellers that buy store bought thangs, but what I'm offerin cain't be bought'n sold,
They get their gals the chocolate deals and sometimes buy'm gold !!!

But I'm given ya my Love Forever, it'uz planted in my heart by GOD,
He planned fer me ta giv'it to ya that'uz why it grew here in this sod !!!!

So I'm offerin ya'a Fl'r that ain't usely bought'n sold,
But with GOD's continued Blessin I hope its worth more to you than all the gold !!!!!
Copyright 2015 Flyin W Productions

Now I'm not usually a crier but this made me tear up!

Ladies, some people will try to tell you that "Manly Men" don't know how to be romantic. I'm here to tell you it isn't true!
My man is THE manliest man I know, works harder each day than anyone I know and yet he's so gentle with me and Lil Buckaroo and the animals he works with.
I guess he's a strong enough man that he doesn't have to "prove" his strength to everyone around him!

When I was growing up I often prayed for a man who was tough but tender, strong but gentle and that is exactly what GOD gave me!


  1. Well Bobby Ruth
    Looks like God is answering your prayers
    Keep talking to him
    And be sure to keep communication open with your cowboy
    Always Show Him Respect then he will love you to the end

    1. Wow! Been a long time since anyone's called me that! LOL

      Thanks though, communication is something we said from the start that we'd focus on.
      As the head of our home he has my respect, as I have his. You're right, respect is so important in a relationship, for everyone involved.