Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Laine Smith, #WesternArtWednesday

Today I get to introduce a young woman whose work I've been following for about a year, she takes some awesome shots and always has a good story to go with it!

And so, I introduce to you, Laine Smith of Memory Laine Photography.

This is a passion I have for capturing the true working cowboy & the western lifestyle through the lens & stories. This is a lost art & a dying breed of the working man. As technology has begun to take over, many little things have been taken for granted. It's about riding for your brand, the loyalty in a handshake, and the power of a man's word. Most of my photographs have been taken from  horseback capturing the "working" cowboy during their normal everyday life. They're not posed, They're not staged, just raw and real through my experiences during sunrise on the back of my horse riding through green pastures.

His name is dean Smith, and he has been a family friend since I was a little girl.. He was gathering up the momma's to put out to pasture. 

A lot of you don't really know the story how I really began this little hobby so I thought I would share, I bought a camera a few years ago but I lost all inspiration.. so it sat and collected dust.. Then 2012 the year from hell hit.. I started it off by finding out the man I thought I was going to marry was leading a double life & had a baby on the way, then two weeks later I had to bury one of my best friends who was killed in a tragic car accident, not long after that my grandpa was diagnosed with cancer, only to attend another funeral & bury one of my heroes , my good horse almost died of colic, my niece went into the ER for Pneumonia, and then we received the news that my mom's brain tumor had returned...I was a mess.. The pain was too much to bear.. So I found myself just needing to get away, so I started driving backroads.. I realized that God won't give you more than you can handle, but at this point I was about to break.. until I stopped to noticed the way the sun cast a soft glow upon the open fields, how rain drops held onto the barb wire, how fresh a horses's breath is in the early morning, how your horse's mane softly blows in the breeze, and how the smell of horse hair makes everything ok for a moment. I found the beauty around me.. I finally found some inspiration.. the only way I knew how to control the pain was from behind the camera finding all the beauty in simple everyday things that people take for granted. You see it's not about "pictures" it's about the memories you make of the life you're living, and the ones you love in it.

This is a picture of Joe & my nephew Creek.. Joe has taught Creek's daddy how to cowboy and is now passing down his knowledge to the younger generation.

My advice is to shoot, and shoot a lot! Practice, and practice! Believe in your dreams and go for it!

taken at a branding in Dadeville, Mo. It was in the fall, and these guys are from Oklahoma & Missouri. It was early in the morning. 

You can find me online through
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          The young man's name is Heston, and he is a true cowboy! He can work with the best of them. We were riding out to put momma's back out to pasture after we finished working them.

Lucas was looking over a herd of yearlings trying to find his next prospect from Sinclair Quarter Horses while a thunderstorm was getting ready to hit

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