Wednesday, December 9, 2015

Skye Clarke Photography, #WesternArtWednesday

Today I get to introduce another real Cowgirl who takes great photos preserving the traditions she's grown up with.
I give you, Skye Clarke!

- Life Story
I was born and raised in Smoot, Wyoming where I still live.  I grew up ranching and my parents were also outfitters, so I grew up in the hunting business also.  My mom worked for LD Frome as a cook for his wilderness pack trips, and she took me 35 miles a horse back into the Yellowstone Wilderness when I was 6 weeks old to live for the summer.  I literally grew up on a horse and outdoors.  I have been self employed my entire life, and have done everything from building fence & hay sheds to feeding elk for the game and fish, break colts, feed cattle for another rancher in the winter, and also started my own fitness business.

My dad, Reed Clark shaking hands with Caleb Munns this fall when we were pre-conditioning fall calves.  Dad had his thumb tore off this spring, and it's still tender, so he's shaking left handed.

- Day Job (if other than art)
I run 350 head of mother cows and am a fitness trainer and nutritionist also.

Will James Days in Hardin, MT.  Pick up men hurrying to save the bronc buster

- How did you get introduced to your art? 
I have always loved photographs, so in the fall of 2014 I bought a camera just to take pictures of my family at brandings and general ranch work.  I have always looked at things different, and soon I started taking pictures every chance I got.  I am completely self taught, and still don't know what a lot of the camera functions are or do, but I shoot what I see.

My saddle

- tell me about your subject matter
 It's of anything and everything you would find on a working ranch.  Some ranchers sport more of the buckaroo style, others not so much.  My images are anything from a cow calving, to roping, to feeding hay with a team to cow dogs and the country we run cattle in.

Ken Clark shoeing a horse

- What advice would you give to someone just getting started as an artist?
 Be yourself!  Shoot as much as you can, then review your images and figure out what works and what doesn't.  Set your own style.  Do what is true for you.  Don't copy others (you can get ideas from looking at other artists images), but set yourself apart and shoot what you love!  If you are shooting what you love and enjoy, it will show in your work.

 "Peanut" looks in the back door of the old horse barn on the High Lonesome Ranch up South Cottonwood Creek near Daniel, Wy

where can people find you online? to order prints, 

and my personal page:


TJ Horton throwing a Del Viento loop at a branding

Here's a few more pictures to enjoy before you go!

 My uncle, Lyman Clark wondering what the hell that guy is talking about.

 Josie Vorous talking to her dog, Peach on her roan horse when we were gathering cattle off the range

Smoke and Shadows.  Branding calves for the Grindstone outfit in Daniel, WY

 Jak Christensen's cowboy gear

Ken Clark breaking a colt to work in Smoot, Wy.  Dogs are supervising

Bondurant, WY.  Lenny Campbell has his 4 up loaded with loose hay to feed cows.  -25 below zero.

My brother, Gabe Clark holding his son Jak as he brands a calf.

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