Wednesday, March 18, 2015

#LifeHacks from a Cowgirl Mama

*Redneck spray shield*
As a cloth diapering mama whose lil Buckaroo just hit the "peanut butter poo" stage my new diaper sprayer is much appreciated!
Well, unless you feel like cleaning the bathroom after each time you spray diapers, a spray shield is required!
Last night Cowboy installed my new diaper sprayer AND made me a spray shield to go with it!
Ready? Take two 5 gallon buckets (that will stack) . Cut the bottom out of one.
The bottomless bucket is your spray shield, the other bucket is your storage base!
Eventually we want to add clips to hold the diaper but I used it this morning and just held the clean edge of the diaper.

*Sheet on highchair*
I got tired of trying to get crumbs out of all the tiny crevices of lil Buckaroo's highchair this morning. So I grabbed one of the sheets I was given for the change table mattress and fitted it around the chair! Works like a charm!

*Wear an apron*
Sounds funny I know, but it helps!
I'm starting to try to grab my apron when I walk into the kitchen. It saves me steps! I mostly use it for a towel LOL but it also works to (obviously) protect my clothes, and carry stuff (laundry, garden veggies etc)

*Bleach tablets*
My whites always get bleached but I was having trouble remembering to add the bleach after the washer filled with water!
Enter bleach tablets! After putting the clothes in the washer I place a tablet on the agitator. Once the washer has filled, the agitator starts moving and the tablet falls into the water and dissolves! Presto!

What are your favorite #Lifehacks? I'd love to hear them!

Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Antics In The Pasture Photography Contest

Hey y'all! We were out feeding today (like most days) and the calves were having so much fun I just had to snap a couple pictures and it sparked an idea.... we're gonna have a photography contest!
Now the only prize I can offer is a mention on my blog, but I still thought it'd be fun!
So! From now until the end of March post your #Calving15 photos on Twitter or Instagram and tag me ( @CowgirlAmerica ) and use the hashtags #AnticsInThePastureContest & #Calving15
On Facebook, post the pictures to RJ's Fun Stuff.

Don't have pictures to post? Thats ok, you still have an important role in the contest! I need YOU to go through and vote for your favorite pictures!
Vote as many times as you like.
At the end of the month I'll post the 3 pictures with the most likes / favorites on the blog with your name.