Thursday, April 9, 2015

Cleaning with Kitchen Cupboard ingredients!

I cleaned my bathroom today. Big deal right? Well it kind of WAS a big deal. You see Lil Buckaroo has started getting mobile, which as every mother knows means "into everything he isn't supposed to be"!
Well, because of the cleaners I was using, I was able to have him in the hallway next to the bathroom and not be worried about what fumes he (or I) was breathing in! (I also didn't have to panick the million and one times he tried to join me in there, although I did of course put him back where he started because, after all, I don't clean what isn't dirty! LOL)
Anyway I'm sure by now you're curious as to what I was using so here goes.
1) Baking Soda
2) White Vinegar
3) Orange Peel
4) Dawn Dish soap
5) Thieves Essential oil (for extra antibacterial muscle)

The main thing I used was a jar of orange peels with white vinegar poured over them that I've had sitting in my cupboard for a few weeks. I added 10 drops of Thieves to the jar this morning for extra muscle.

I made a paste of Dawn and baking soda then poured my orange oil into the bowl and dipped my sponge into the mixture and used that for the sink, floor and toilet!
I just made more of the mixture as needed.
Now my bathroom is clean and smells good too!

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