Wednesday, October 14, 2015

Adrian Brannan, Buckaroogirl, #WesternArtWednesday

Today I get to introduce a musician I've followed for a while!
Adrian is a real Buckaroogirl, its not just for show! I'll let her introduce herself but then I encourage you to check out her social media pages and learn more, there's more to her than this short interview could tell.
So, without further yap from me....
Adrian Buckaroogirl!

Life story: Oh my! What a tough question! Well I was born in California to a father that cowboy’d and a mother who always told my sister and I we could do whatever we wanted in life. I was raised around strong women, hard workers, and lots of artists. Growing up, I would see Asher Freeman, a western artist I really admire (and who was a kid I grew up around) drawing, and wanted to make pretty things with horses and cows like he did! Of course, I’m nowhere near the artist he is, but being inspired by folks all around at a young age is a really great motivator. After a few years, my family and I moved overseas to Scotland, and traveled a LOT. In the years I lived in Europe, I was exposed to TONS of art, music, history and culture….which really fostered a love for painting and art for me. Career,

Western or mainstream? My career! Wahoo…music music music! And cowboy music at that! I love being able to write, sing and produce western music as a job. Paying the bills with something you love doing everyday is simply an amazing feeling. My music has allowed me to travel many places, meet a ton of different people and really just do something I love more than anything. It has also led into things like my art, which I really didn’t expect to be quite honest!

How did you get introduced to your art? Honestly, I credit my music 100% with finding my art. I’ve loved the west since I was born, and my drawing was just a way that I was able to express my love of the cowboy world through something other than lyrics. It is, if you will, the only way I am able to express the things I can’t put down in my music with words.

What got you started as an artist? SO silly! I woke up one night at midnight, just like I do with my music…and had an idea…I literally used house paint because I had nothing else – and drew this huge multi-colored bronc on some canvas because I HAD to get that image out of my head and onto paper somehow. It has been the same since then. I just think of stories I’ve heard, things I’ve done or horses I’ve seen – and then have to put it down!

Tell me about your subject matter? I think, although I will really do ANYTHING, a lot of what seems to come out onto the paper is of girls. I have girls that I admire, women that inspire me, and the idea of the woman that I WANT to be….and instead of just thinking about that woman, I try to show what I would like to be on paper. Something to aspire to, something that one day I will be.

 What advice would you give someone wanting to be an artist? Be yourself. I’ve had pieces that I’ve done that NO one wanted to buy, no one liked…but I DID! And those pieces mean something to me in a way no one can understand. They don’t need to be about other people liking them, sometimes art is just about creating it – and NEEDING to make that piece and see it done. That can be enough, so just LET it be! Do your art for the joy of it, not money or people saying they just love it…do it because you can’t think of anything else and that it is a piece that is missing out of your heart if you don’t put it down. With each picture/poem, what’s the story behind this piece? A lot of the time the story behind the picture is an event, a bronc, or an image of what I would like to see…it’s what I dream, except on paper!

Find Adrian online!

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