Wednesday, December 30, 2015

Beverly Caputo, Painter, #WesternArtWednesday

Today I get to introduce a talented painter, Beverly Caputo!

Me And My Quarter Horse   
Life story:
I have been working as a professional artist for over twenty five years. I feel very blessed to have been able to make a career with my art. This artistic journey is truly an evolving process I have found. I am self taught. Born with the artistic talent and just always knew I would spend my life being an artist. The first half of my artistic career was spent working with commercial clients and a move in 2002 brought a shift to working more in a fine art capacity with my business. What I found after over twenty years of working in the commercial field of art was that I really wasn't enjoying the work. So, I did a bold thing. I packed up my horse and belongings and moved to Nevada where I currently reside.

Pacific Coast  Cutting Horse Association Commission

Day job:
I continue to work full time as an artist specializing in murals, commissioned portraits and paintings, as well as creating works that I sell as original paintings and prints.

Jobe's Peak Mountain, Canvas Painting, Private Commission

How I was introduced to art:
I was born with the artistic talent and was drawing and painting at an early age. My subject matter of choice at that time in particular was of course horses.

Private Portrait commission

What got me started as an artist:
I always knew I would pursue a career in art and did so by the age of eighteen when I was hired as a production artist with an advertising agency in Florida. I worked in that industry for ten years before moving to Los Angeles where I worked in the entertainment industry as an illustrator creating conceptual and storyboard art. A move to Nevada in 2002 brought a transition from commercial work to more fine art by specializing in murals, portraits, and canvas commissions for businesses and private clients.

 Minden Creamery, NV, Circa 1800s, Canvas Painting

Gardnerville Hotel, NV, Circa 1800s, Canvas Painting

What type of subject matter:
When doing private commissions it is always the client's choice of subject matter, but, my favorite general subject matter is western themed animals and landscapes.  In fall of 2014 I started the "Cowgirls & Cows Collection". I have always been a horse owner and animal lover and started doing these fun colorful western themed paintings featuring cowgirls and their trusted equines as well as other farm/ranch themed paintings. These paintings are somewhat of a style departure from my realistic portrait commissions and mural work. These are a combination of western meets fantasy and have a lot bold color and fun themes. The paintings have been popular and I am now offering the images as prints and on merchandise as well. After working as a commission artist all my life this series of paintings have been fun because I get to paint what ever my heart desires...every artist dream! Each painting has its own unique inspiration and that makes it fun as an artist.

Private Commissions Portrait

Advice to an artist who is starting out:
This would be my advice for any artist wanting to do this full time professionally. Make a business plan. Set a trajectory for where you want to see yourself as an artist in the next ten years or so. If you want to do this full time and make a living you must think of what you are doing as a business and make plans and set goals to keep you moving forward. This is something I had to learn as I jumped directly from high school in to becoming a working artist and with economic fluctuations and technological advances my approach to earning a living as an artist has had to change over the years. For a working artist like myself you have to be able to split your time between creating art and doing all of the marketing. The marketing that it takes to land commissions and sales, and that means traditional marketing, as well taking advantage of social media to spread your brand and of course drive traffic to your website and merchandising sites.

Grand Tetons, Canvas Painting

She Ropes Cattle, From The Cowgirls & Cows Collection

She's Over The Moon, From The Cowgirls & Cows

Contact Info:
Beverly A. Caputo

Herefords, Canvas Painting

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