Wednesday, February 10, 2016

#WesternArtWednesday - Bobby Burleson, Silverworker

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Now! Without any more blather from me, may I introduce Silverworker Bobby Burleson!

-Life Story: Bobby was raised in Muday, TX and River Oaks, TX and has lived outside of Weatherford, TX for 20 years. He has owned and trained horses most of his adult life. He worked as a welder, fabricator and designer and builder of equipment.

- Day Job (if other than art), Western or mainstream? His full time job is Burleson Spurs, Bits & Buckles.

- How did you get introduced to your art? Being involved with horses included the use of all the tack and equipment needed for the use and care of them. He became interested in spurs and their makers.  He was particularly impressed with the work of Adolph Bayers.

- What got you started as an artist?
Bobby started making spurs for himself and then for friends and family. It just evolved over the years and became a passion.
After 25 plus years at the same job, Bobby felt as if it was time to do something else.  He had felt led to go into business for himself building spurs and bits, but was hesitant to give up a steady income.  Then one day in May of 2014, he heard from God and knew it was time to follow his dream. The moment he made that decision, 20 minutes later the phone rang and a friend asked him if he could make her a pair of spurs.  He knew that was confirmation.  Work has been steady since then.

- tell me about your subject matter, (ie just horses, just buckaroo style, rodeo etc. )
Bobby strives to make a product that is functional,  attractive and affordable for the average working cowboy.

- What advice would you give to someone just getting started as an artist?
Surround yourself with successful people.  Seek out a mentor that is successful in the same art as you. Trust God and trust yourself. Never stop learning.

- with each poem or piece you've included a photo of, what's the story behind it?
Each bit, pair of spurs, buckle,  etc, is custom made to the customers specifications.

- where can people find you online?
and on Facebook at Burleson Spurs, Bits & Buckles.

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