Friday, February 13, 2015

I Am My Cowboy's Sweetheart!

I almost didn't post this. While I was writing I quit editing for public consumption and just let my heart spill onto the page. It became a love letter to my Cowboy.
I spent the last week trying to figure out if I should edit it (and what parts get cut?) Or write something completely different for a V-day post. But then I got thinking, when Cowboy and I were courting I said so many times how I wanted to shout from the rooftops how much I loved him! Well, here's my chance, I'm taking it!
Cowboy, I LOVE YOU!

I AM My Cowboy's Sweetheart
Ever hear the song I WANNA BE A COWBOY'S SWEETHEART? Its a song that I've loved since I first heard it and you know something? In a lot of ways it (and many other daydreams) has come true for me!

First off, I have my Cowboy!
I haven't learned to rope yet. I keep telling Cowboy that he has to teach me before Bubba learns to walk
I do ride, and Cowboy is teaching me to be a better rider (when we have time to play with the horses)
I've ridden through the plains of Saskatchewan, but I have yet to see a desert.
I love hearing the coyotes and watching the sunset, GOD is an amazing artist!
I AM My Cowboy's sweetheart and it's the life I love the best!

There's nothing like the feeling of flying on a horse's back! Camping out under the stars....
Mmm yeah definitely my kind of good time!

And yknow, there's more than the song lyrics. There's my dream of living on a ranch (check) raising my children (one so far) but most importantly having a GODly man as my husband.
Its hard to believe how many things that were on my "wishlist" that GOD supplied and surpassed!
I wanted a Christian first and foremost (check)
A man who was both strong and gentle (check)
A man who loved children (check)
A man who loved animals (and could he please be a Cowboy? (Surpassed!)
A man strong enough to be the leader of our home, while still allowing me to be his partner (check)
Boy it'd be nice if he played guitar... (wish fulfilled!)
...and maybe sing? (Yup!)
YOU wouldn't let him be tall and good looking ...would you? (Yes again!)


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