Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Weaning, What No One Tells You (or at least no one told me)

Can we talk about weaning for a minute? No I don't mean When or How to wean, that's been discussed and argued over in every corner of the mommy-verse. No, I'm talking about what weaning does to the mother!
Do you know that since Bubby was born (nearly 10 months ago now) I have thought I was pregnant twice?!?
All because no one talks about the fact that weaning can (and often does) give the mother the Exact Same Symptoms as first trimester pregnancy! Morning sickness? Check. Bloating? Check. Cravings? Check. Emotional rollercoaster? Yup.
I'd have myself ready to take a test "just to be sure" ....and I'd start. Finally I went to Google and sure enough I wasn't the only one asking these questions!
It didn't help that it took three months for me to wean Bubby, stretching out the symptoms. For his sake I wouldn't have wanted to go cold turkey, but I think it wouldve been easier on me!

So tell me ladies, what did you go through when you weaned your children? Were you surprised or was someone nice enough to warn you?
What's your best symptom easing trick?

Two things that worked well for me when my breasts were really tender were the Earth Mama Angel Baby Booby Tubes (so nice!) And weird as it sounds, cabbage leaves in my bra! Both really helped when I was engorged or just plain really tender

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