Saturday, June 13, 2015

Farm Equipment Ahead

I was helping Cowboy move tractors today and saw something that never fails to raise my blood pressure, first because it scares me and then it makes me mad!
I saw what very nearly was a head on collision caused by pure stupidity.

But I should start from the beginning.
When I help Cowboy move tractors I am in a pickup truck, with the hazard lights flashing, following him on the tractor, which is also decked out with lights and slow moving vehicle signs.
Nearly every time we move equipment down the road (and sometimes more than one incident per trip!) Someone decides they're in too much of a rush to wait any longer and will pass us not bothering to wait until it is safe!

I have seen oncoming traffic have to hit their brakes to avoid an accident and of course the driver who caused the incident just keeps going.
Its not just 4 wheeled vehicles that cause problems though! I once had a cyclist ride so close behind the truck that I couldn't see him in any of my mirrors! When I looked through my back window to find him he was close enough he could easily have grabbed the tailgate. If I had needed to hit my brakes for any reason he wouldve gotten a faceful of that tailgate! And then we were slowing to make a left turn, and clearly signalling this, and he goes flying by, very nearly hitting the front of the tractor!

People please, We're just trying to do our jobs.
When you pull these stunts you put everyone around you in danger.

It might be the life of my toddler, my husband, the other driver, me, or you.

If you don't mind, Please share this. This is one post I'd really love to see go viral!

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