Tuesday, September 22, 2015

Kurt Corsair, #WesternArtWednesday

Today I get to introduce a new friend, a Musician and and Cowboy.
Kurt Corsair!

- Life Story
Life story: I grew up one of six boys in central Kansas. Not rich folks. I started working steady at 13 as a maintenance mechanic for a truck line to avoid wearing hand me downs. Dad was a farrier and I was around horses all my life and that passion drove me. Kansas never fit me. I left there ahorseback after graduating school. I headed to Montana to be a cowboy with one brother and a friend. I burned up a couple years and took my first big outfit cowboy job at the Matador of Dillon Montana on Sage Creek at Dell. Then to Oregon buckaroo country at Whitehorse, then to Wyoming. I found what I was looking for on the wagons of Arizona at Babbitts and the ORO. It seemed to me they were doing what everyone else was trying to do. It hadn't changed much there in 100 years. I worked outfits back in Wyoming, Oklahoma, back to Oregon and Nevada. Nebraska, New Mexico. I married an Arizona gal. That didn't last. So, I ended up leasing and managing a 40,000 acre ranch in southeast Colorado. I bought some land and a few cows and have been raising two boys alone for the last ten years.
I started writing a lot of songs after the wife pulled out. I have 4 cds out there and over 100 songs penned.
I ranch and do music for a living. Drought caused us to lose the big ranch so my boys and I moved off grid to a cabin camp with my cows. Remote, no running water or electricity, but better than many camps I've been in.

My songs reflect my way of life. Spirit is my take on God and being a cowboy Christian. My last album is outlaw music. I wrote 17 songs in defiance of the pop crap they call music on the radio. I miss Waylon, Cash, Haggard, when music had soul. So, I tried to make some.

- What advice would you give to someone just getting started as an artist?
 If you're an independent artist: I hope money is not your motivator, because there is not much in it. Write and play from the heart. Don't be a mimic, be genuine. Everyone is a critic so do it for you and for three chords and the truth. Be yourself and tell your story. If its good, it will sell itself.

- where can people find you online?

I'm to be found at www.kurtcorsair.com, ITunes, cdbaby, and Kurt Corsair on facebook.

One last video because I couldn't resist, in this one they're working cattle. https://www.facebook.com/pages/-Before-The-Last-Cowboys-Gone-a-documentary-movie/165548966874973

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